An internal communication campaign requires a lot of planning and preparation. For weeks or months, you have only one thing in your mind: the launch of your campaign. And now that the hard work is done, it is time. Is it really? Well, not really. You would not want to have invested that much energy in your campaign for nothing, just because you forgot to read the following tips, would you?

1. Communicate your communication

You have just created a fun and interactive training to better integrate new colleagues within the company. Good idea, but with few impact if your current colleagues do not know about the existence of such a training – of if they do not know what to expect from it, or where to find it. Every day, we receive massive amount of information. In this flood of information, some might easily get lost. A little teaser of even a screenshot or banner for your training can do miracles. Make sure everybody is aware of your work.

2. Make access easy

Everyone is busy. Losing time is not an option! Ask yourself the question: how many times do I have to click or log on to get access to your training or project? Easy access is an absolute must for your communication. Otherwise, it will not be looked at.

3. What’s the “What’s in it for me?”

We receive messages day in day out. To get the attention of your audience, you need to make it personal and positive. Show them why your training or campaign is important to them and will make the difference. Yet, make sure not to promise them the moon.

4. Can your content be shared?

In a world ruled by the internet and social media, it is evident that we want to share interesting content with our contacts. Let your audience work for you. Share buttons are a must for every campaign.

5. Can you track and trace?

Well done, you have just launched your campaign. But did you get your message across? And what about the ROI? You can only answer those questions if you can measure the response. How many have watched your video? When do they drop out? Those details are crucial for your next campaign.