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Docebo, an easy to use LMS

A world’s Top 10 ranked SaaS e-Learning solutions provider, Docebo is an easy to use LMS to manage, deliver and track ILT and WBT activities. Available for global clients in more than 30 languages, Docebo is a robust and extendable LMS that brings to the market a pure SaaS solution including the option to activate an Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) App which allows the LMS to run on a dedicated Cloud instance. Docebo delivers a mobile-ready, off-the-shelf and fully integrated solution that is scalable.

Key benefits of Docebo are to help clients achieve operational efficiency, lower dramatically the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Total Cost of Services (TCOS) in the case of SaaS, and rapidly implement a scalable and easy to use E-learning solution.

Docebo In a nutshell:

  1. Optimal user experience UIX: With its user-friendly HTML5 user interface Docebo provides an optimal user experience on both desktop and mobile learning scenarios. = differentiator
  2. Flexible pricing plans: Docebo LMS comes with a convenient monthly pricing plan tailored for med-large enterprises and making it a cost-effective investment that leverages the benefits and flexibility of a pure SaaS. = differentiator
  3. Docebo is only 1 of 4 pure SaaS LMS in that it is user self-provisioning and allows the flexibility of changing monthly pricing plans
  4. 51 servers: Unique feature to Docebo, the CDN: By leveraging the Amazon Cloudfront Global Distribution Network, Docebo speeds up multimedia and video content delivery, replicating it on servers in more than 51 locations around the globe, a number that is still growing, and serves the end-users from the closest node available to them. It also uses the Amazon’s S3 storage technology to store uploaded files.

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