Blog Keep your viewers’ attention until the end

Keep your viewers’ attention until the end

If you are struggling with making your content appealing? Here are some great ways to keep your viewers’ attention till the end. Use them wisely.

Addressing online attention deficit


It seems like only yesterday that streaming video was new. People would watch anything. Today more than 100 hours of video is uploaded every minute on YouTube alone. Your target audience is not only over-solicited, but has also become increasingly demanding. So how can your hold your viewers’ attention until the end of your video?


Make it concise


When it comes to online video content, viewers are used to short bite-size snippets. Squeeze the most relevant information into a clip as concise as possible and use powerful visuals and a clear voice-over.


Always ask yourself whether the story you want to tell will hold their attention, whether anything can be left out, and if there are ways that you could improve your video or make it more appealing.


Think in factual shots




Videos need some level of detail to hold the viewer’s attention. In journalism (cf. news style), research, and police investigations, information providers use the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, why – and also how) as a technique to gain information and get the complete story.


In order To hold your viewer’s attention, simply give them, shot-by-shot, the factual answers necessary to make the story complete. Nuke’s promotional video (“About Nuke”) is organized in successive shots that treat these 5 W questions: What is the situation? Why is it difficult? What could help? How does it work? Who benefits from it?


Inspire action


Corporate videos are generally designed to promote a product or service. Therefore it is crucial that you have a conversion goal in mind and inspire your viewers to engage in a specific action: purchase a new product, subscribe to your blog, visit a website, fill out a form, etc.

Nuke’s objective is to get visitors onto their website and inform them about their social marketing suite. Their ultimate goal is to visually demonstrate the attractiveness of their application rather than use paragraphs of text. That’s why at the end of their video they invite viewers to visit their website.


Captivate them from start to finish


Once your clients have clicked “Play”, you have won only half the battle. In marketing terms, they’re just at the top of the funnel.
You still need to keep your viewers’ attention right through to the end. Give them detail and action. Don’t make them do more work that is absolutely necessary. Tell them clearly and directly what you want them to do and how they can do it.

This will give YOU results and keep your viewers’ attention till the end!

See our portfolio for examples of engaging corporate videos.

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