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Personalized video – why and what are the benefits?

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Why send a generic video to your audience when you can deliver an individualized message tailored just for them? Personalized videos create genuine one-to-one communication. Instead of the generic “hello and welcome” why not open your video with the voice over saying “Hi Peter” or “Hi Valerie”? Why not let your viewer’s name appear on a whiteboard? Or the camera over the viewer’s very own facebook page?

How does it work? Watch this video.  



Personalized video is an amazingly effective way to raise your marketing strategy to the next level. Personalized video combines data you have available about your viewers, such as their interests, their preferences and behaviors, to tailor a video’s content. No matter why you need it – inviting people to an event, presenting product demos, boosting customer support and more… the wow factor is guaranteed! 

At Instruxion we’ve been creating personalized videos for over a decade, partnering with the award-winning Idomoo platform. 


For you as a customer, creating and distributing personalized videos is a painless affair. You simply provide us with the customer data you want to use in the video, and handle all the rest. You can either send out a series of separate video files (one for each viewer) or mail your viewers personalized links to their videos (complete with an eye-catching personalized thumbnail!). 


The marketing applications of personalized video are endless. 


E-mailmarketing: In an age of email overload, personalized videos really stand out. The personalization grabs people’s attention and forces them into action. 


Sociale media: When you send out personalized videos, your story is only beginning. Your viewers will share them on social media, boosting your reach and interactions. You could even allow your customers to create their own personalized videos.


Advertenties: Personalizing your video ads, gives focus and depth to your marketing. By including what matters to your audience, you’re boosting your ROI and conversion.


Leadgeneratie: Looking back at the previous points, it’s obvious that personalized videos are an ideal lead generating tool. 


Let’s end with 5 key advantages of personalized video


Radically improved enagement: Personalized video is much more relevant (and interesting) than generic video. People will watch the entire video and take the right action. 


Higher conversion: Personalized video acknowledges and addresses customer needs directly, turning customer leads into customer buys. According to some studies, personalized video increases your conversion rates with a whopping 500%.


Higher retention: personalized video connects with the viewer. They will remember what they see much better. 


Efficient use of marketing budget: By targeting specific segments of your audience, you’re increasing your hit rates and using your marketing budget much more efficiently. 


A bigger ROI (thats also easier to prove): By delivering the right message to the right audience, you’ll have a bigger return and because it’s data driven, a much easier way of proving your effectiveness.


Increased customer satisfaction: you’ve put in the effort. You’ve thought about what your customers care about. You’re addressing their needs. 


Increased brand recognition: that’s the sum of all of the above


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