Blog Why use 3D animations?

Why use 3D animations?

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Wondering 3D is all about? What the difference is with 2D? And why there’s all this hype around it? Don't worry - you're not alone! Let’s take the mystery out of all things 3D by breaking down exactly what it is, how it's created and why using animation can make all the difference in your training or communication. So come along as we explain "3D Animation Explained For Dummies"!

At Instruxion, we’ve been using 3D for years in various projects, from e-learning to gamification and from ads to product visualizations. 


Wach some examples here. 



3D objects (for example arms, legs, antenna, wheels, an engine) are created from polygons, which are combined/hooked together form a 3D model (such as a model of a person, a tv or a car). All these objects can be moved and manipulated separately. 3D Software allows various manipulations such as moving, tilting, distorting, … 


All this creates the illusion of 3D objects moving around in a 3D space. The objects can also be provided with materials and textures to make them more realistic. Today’s 3D is so realistic and blends in so well with regular video footage you hardly notice it’s there anymore.


Today, 3D animation is often used in movies, television series, video games and other media. It is also popular in industry, where it is used to create product visualisations, simulations and other types of interactive 3D content.

Why use 3D?

There are many possible purposes for 3D animation, depending on the needs of the company or organization. Here are some examples: 


Virtual tours of museums or buildings for example, or organizing virtual events such as fairs or conferences.

Presenting and selling products or services to customers, for example through online videos or commercials. 3D gives the possibility of showing your customers what your products will look like when they’re put to use.


In movies, television shows, or video games: creating characters, environments, and special effects for entertainment productions.

Designing products or buildings: Visualizing and testing concepts of new products or buildings before they are built.

Providing training or demonstrations: visualizing and demonstrating complex concepts or processes for companies, students.

What are the advantages of 3D?


  • It can help to visualize complex concepts or ideas, making them easier to understand.
  • It can be used to give a professional and creative look to a company or brand.
  • 3D animation can be used to demonstrate and present products or services in a way that is easier for the viewer to understand.
  • 3D animation can be used to provide training or guidance and help sell products or services.

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