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Protect your business with Cybercrime: Undercover

Cybercrime: Undercover

An up-to-date, practical and catchy course for all of your people, not just your IT department


We’re living in the age of cybercrime. Every year, businesses are facing more and more sophisticated attacks. Today, more than ever, your people are the weakest link in your cyber defence.
High time to level up!


Level up your people, level up your cyber defence! With Cybercrime: Undercover.



What to expect?

  • Eye-opening hacker interviews

  • Interactive exercises

  • Practical tips and tricks

  • Available in 3 languages: English, Dutch and French

The goal?

  • Uncover how cybercriminals think and act
  • Teach your people to recognize attacks
  • Discover how to take countermeasures




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Three undercover facts

Today, anyone can attack your company with powerful hacking tools they bought online.

Tech-savvy cybercriminals use Hollywood-style special effects to trick your people.

Criminals are using A.I.-powered phishing attacks in new and very dangerous ways.

Five reasons to take your people “undercover”

A product of Belgian expertise:

  • Instruxion: the specialist in engaging, high impact learning.
  • Febelfin Academy: the knowledge centre of the Belgian financial sector.
  • I-Force: one of Belgium’s leading experts in cyber defence.

Up-to-date on the latest cyber weapons

Catchy for all your people with a fresh and surprising mix of interactivity, interviews and practical tips

No fuss: one price, no complex installation, unlimited use in time

Plug and play: start learning immediately, in a language of your choice (English, Dutch or French)

Protect your business. Level up your people with Cybercrime: Undercover.

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Cybercrime: Undercover features a mix of eye-opening interviews, interactions and practical tips and tricks that will arm your people against cybercrime. Ready to protect your employees, but still have some questions left? Shoot and we’ll answer.

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