Start Site versions:

V. 1.0.5

+ Added "Remove asterisks" script;

+ Added Console version checker (version());

• Stylesheet fixes.

V. 1.0.55

+ Added Scroll percentage calculator;

+ Changelog implementation (changelog());

+ Added ::placeholder style (Global CSS);

- Removed default input box-shadow;

+ Added "Center Child Buttons" style;

+ Added "Columns: 2" and "Columns: 3" styles.

V. 1.0.6

+ Added Mouse & Mobile touch icons.

V. 1.0.65

• Link Color White addition: "element a span".

V. 1.0.66

+ Added iOS / Not iOS eliminating styles;

+ Added iOS user agent sniffer (JS).

• Background for Lightbox full-screen images is now transparent (70%) (Global CSS)

V. 1.0.7

+ Added render : entity disabler;

V. 1.0.71

• Privacy Policy Centered Title

• Privacy Policy Not Full-width

• 404-page Centered All

• 404-page Not Full-width

+ Added Ghost style for invisible elements

• Changed style "Center Child Buttons" to also affect Form Buttons

V. 1.0.75

• Changed Start Site core console.log colors;

+ Added custom checkboxes;

• JS cleanup;

+ Added tablet compatibility for footer credits;

+ Added "Mobile Form Padding Equalizer" style;

• Upgraded Field Asterisk remover to also remove from select tags;

+ Added "Cell Width: Auto" style (affects immediate child .u-size elements in both full-width and not full-width parents).

+ Added "Form File Upload" style;

+ Added .scrolled toggler for html tag (intended for shorter version of menu after scrolling);

+ Added "Tablet Free Edges" style (content no longer sticks to edges at tablet resolutions)

V. 1.0.8

+ Added "Phrase Recognition" script (alpha);

+ Added "BG Accent 2" style;

• Improved Griddy;

• Improved "Render:entity Remover";

+ Added "Form File" style;

+ Added "Form Sucess" Global style;

V. 1.0.9

+ Added "Masonry 1 Entry" style + demo;

+ Added togglable FPS counter (to be integrated in Griddy);

+ Added "Universal Box Equalizer" script;

+ Added "Mobile Un-Full-Width Child Container" style.

V. 1.0.10

+ Added Whatsapp Share;

• Contained Form item success animation within item.

• Moved BrowserSpecificCSS.js to Start Site for safety.

V. 1.0.11

• Updated Asterisk Remover to version 2.5;

+ Added "Reset Videos in Inactive Slider Items" script;

• Improved default Cookie Bar Button and Text styles;

+ Added "Font-weight: Normal" style;

+ Added "Font-weight: Light" style;

+ Added "Kill BRs" style;

• Updated "Different Menu after Scrolling" script (performance);

+ Added "Custom Slider Controls" script;

+ Added Universal Box Equalizer 2 in Shops (shop only);

• Improved "Cell Width: Auto" style;

• Improved "Custom Checkboxes" main CSS;

• Updated "Mobile Form Padding Equalizer" style.

V. 1.0.12

• Updated Universal Box Equalizer to version 3;

• Updated "Mobile Form Padding Equalizer" style to acivate at 600px instaed of 767px;

• Updated "Cell Width: Auto" style;

+ Added "Kill Strongs" style;

• Updated Universal Box Equalizer to version 3.1;

+ Added "nomargin" main style;

• Updated "Center Child Buttons" to work better with form buttons.

V. 1.0.13

+ Added "Thumbnails" script (one set per page);

• Updated "Cell Width: Auto" style;

+ Added "Tablet Un-Full-Width Child Container" style.

V. 1.0.14

+ Added JS for "Outside Slider" buttons;

+ Added "privacy_line" label;

• Updated "Cell Width: Auto" style.

V. 1.0.15

+ Added "Label Link" script to force links in input labels to work.

V. 1.0.16

+ Added Cookie Settings features with initial placeholder text;

+ Added "Kill Child Grid-cell Top" style;

+ Updated checkbox styles there's no padding and the input itself cannot be clicked.

V. 1.0.17

• Changed footer design;

+ Added history.back() button to Template Footer for PP page;

+ Added Global style that prevents first Shuttle cookie option from being interacted with.

V. 1.0.18

• Adjusted Masonry script to reapply on window load

+ Added Scroll-by drop items (.dropcont, .drop)

+ Added Custom Checkbox Adder 2.0 (Filter form compatibility)

V. 1.0.19

+ Added preview functionality to Blog & News items

V. 1.0.20

+ Added history.back() script addition to Phrase Catcher when pressing backspace while browsing on Firefox in order to reintroduce the missing Firefox feature to go back to the previous page using backspace while in responsive design view.

+ Updated Scroll-By drop items script to version 2.0 (featuring optional direction and speed choices and documentation)

+ Updated Scroll-By drop items script to version 2.5 (featuring optional delay (dur) and easing function choices)

1 Oct 2022


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