Vacancies Business development manager

Business development manager

As a Business Development Manager at the awesome twosome Instruxion - Like a Virgin, you will have the opportunity to leverage the unique advantages of two worlds to drive our business forward: the vibrant city life in Brussels combined with the straightforward way of making deals, so typical of West Flanders. 


Your creativity and imagination are your ways of working with our respective teams of experts in both Brussels and Kortrijk to develop innovative concepts and communication strategies for our clients. Of course, your social skills will be vital in this position to build relationships with clients to help them achieve their goals.


Who are we looking for?


  • People person is your middle name. And you prove it by having worked as an account manager for several years. You listen to and truly understand your clients and you can get into their minds and ambitions.

  • You are great at spotting commercial opportunities.

  • You are not afraid to deal with large companies and projects.

  • You are most interested in recent and innovative digital evolutions.

  • Together with our creatives, you know how to present the ideal concept and most impactful communication to your future prospects.

  • You can boost your fantasy, the sky is the limit, so we can turn the strangest idea into reality!

  • You radiate lovability and you can transfer your positive attitude to your clients and colleagues.

  • You are fluent in Dutch, English and French.

  • If marketing is one of your talents, then that’s a plus.

What can we offer you?


  • You’ll be happy to join a team of creative experts in various domains.

  • Let your voice and ideas be heard, open communication is key here.

  • Enjoy a lot of responsibility, in which your strengths will thrive.

  • Work in a new creative office near the Atomium and enjoy the splendid view.

  • Seize the opportunity to work for and with top companies.

  • Start a full-time job with several extra-legal benefits.



Are you the mastermind who can elevate communication and training for our clients to a higher level? Apply now by sending your CV and motivation letter or presentation video to

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