Explanatory animations help to reduce your helpdesk workload

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Explanatory animations are increasingly popular in marketing, and for good reason: an animation is a fantastic tool for educating and engaging internal and external clients.

Everybody’s got to learn sometimes

As the 80’s song goes, everybody’s got to learn sometimes, but not everyone has the patience to read a whole set of instructions. Educational and tutorial animations are great for companies that want to train their employees, members, or customers on how to complete a specific task on the Internet or how to use a computer application.

A ‘see what is said’ system

The ultimate goal of an explanatory animation or screencast is to visually demonstrate how to go from Point A to Point B in a way that allows your audience to follow along through visual steps rather than by displaying paragraphs of text.



The animation that we produced for KBC is a good example. The video, which aims to show KBC clients (or in fact any car driver) how to fill in their car accident report form, improves the driver’s user experience. It is easy to follow, concise, practical, and useful.

The video was also delivered in a smartphone-friendly version because it is in traffic and accident situations that such explanatory animations can really be useful.

Benefits of an animated tutorial

If you have a product or service that comes with a set of instructions, your customers expect a tutorial video.

Making a video with a step-by-step approach to learn how to use your products and services is a means to entertain and educate, foster client relations, and above all, reduce phone calls and inquiries to your online helpdesk.

Here are five ways that animated videos can reduce your helpdesk workload:

1. Instantly answer user questions and issues based on activity scenarios
2. Increase productivity by creating a relevant, personal and optimized environment for your users
3. Present an affordable solution, resulting in fast ROI
4. Ensure a better user experience through video
5. Provide constant, high-quality support

If you want to know more about animated explanations, check out Explania.com!

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