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Compliance awareness trainings

Barco is one of Belgium’s most famous international companies with a long and rich history. Specialized in “enabling bright outcomes”, Barco is all about seeing, sensing and sharing the intangible. This means cutting edge medical visualizations, ultra-high resolution projection equipment and advanced collaboration solutions. And it also means focusing on sustainability, ethical business practices and corporate responsibility.


The challenge:


While there had been many successful compliance initiatives all over the company, these were scattered over several regions and countries. Our goal was to leverage and improve on the best elements and create new courses that could be rolled out worldwide and tracked.



Exciting, up-to-date and effective courses with fresh content that any Barco employee would enjoy learning from. In short, easy, practical trainings on Barco’s compliance principles, in a way that appeals, motivates and stays top of mind.



  • Ethics
  • Data protection
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement


The most successful internal initiatives had been interactive ones in group meetings, centered around business dilemmas. We built on that basic approach to deliver courses that are as clear and cutting edge as Barco’s own technologies;



The concept:

Using gamification, we designed a series of courses where the trainees aren’t just watching the content but playing a game.

The trainees are asked to participate in a business case which they should bring to a good conclusion. The player is presented with a Barco colleague who asks the trainee for guidance on a new project. It’s then up to the trainee to navigate the various ethical and safety pitfalls and hopefully bring the project to a good conclusion.

Effective training is all about getting trainees involved with the content.

The Barco teams came up with the basic business dilemmas and after in-depth brainstorm sessions, we tied them together into fun and engaging business scenarios.


In terms of visuals, in keeping with Barco’s visualization focus, we shot HD video with multicultural actors to illustrate the stories on the Barco premises. The sequences were all filmed in the Barco HQ in Kortrijk but shot in such a way that they could represent any Barco holding in almost any country.


The results

The courses were rolled out in all Barco sites, in the US, China and in Belgium. Tracking and surveys indicate happy participants who enjoyed a short game as a learning experience.


The courses were immensely successful, and we are now creating new variations on the existing courses to make sure the trainings stay up to date.

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