E-learning is more engaging with animated explanations

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An e-learning video is different to a traditional educational video. An e-learning video used for training actually engages the audience while an educational video demonstrates things. It’s the difference between learning knowledge and learning how to do something.

Video and e-learning: the return?

Some 10 years ago, video (that is,VHS video) was widely used by companies for training. With the shift in e-learning and the success of cloud solutions, organizations today choose to convert and adapt their video e-learning libraries to meet web standards.

Why explanation videos are successful for e-learning

Learning is a social activity. The key factor of a good training/learning process has always been communication and that still applies today. An explanation video that is interactive enables the trainer and the trainee to communicate.
In essence, there are 3 essential advantages of an e-learning video:

Engagement : Video provides greater engagement than text or images because it comprises text, animated images and audio. Furthermore, videos have more emotional appeal than still photos. It is also highly probable that your trainees are already watching tons of videos online and have accepted video as a format for acquiring knowledge.
Interactivity: Good video training courses don’t simply share information; they tell viewers how to incorporate the knowledge they have gained into their daily activities, with specific, concrete examples. Explanation videos can also be clickable. This means that there is a visual connection and interaction that connects learners to the trainer. It is more enjoyable and easier for trainees to absorb because they can interact with the video.
Ease of editing: Course updating and upgrading is easy thanks to standardizing processes and materials (such as templates and style guides).

These qualities are due to the fact that video makes the training process asynchronous.

The advantages of an asynchronous video process

E-learning videos are based on an asynchronous training process, mixing human interaction (live instructions) with rich content (visuals, recorded sequences, animated explanations, etc.).

It helps the learner to find his/her own pace and to identify the potentially difficult areas in the learning process. In other words, learners will make fewer mistakes due to a better understanding of their tasks and capabilities.

A variety of learning styles

A video-based e-learning session can appeal to a variety of learning formats that help to improve a trainee’s retention and acquisition. Other media can be included with the video, such as audio clips, graphics, animations, PDF’s, polls, etc.

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