That’s right. Nowadays everyone can create an animation. You’ll find sufficient (free) tools on the online market by which you can combine visuals, videos, animation, voice-over, sound effects and music, and create your own animation.

Company animation

But ho, this doesn’t mean you’re able to create a good company animation that has the right impact on your consumers or business audience, be it internal or external. Just compare a home video with a professional movie. Indeed, apart from the tools, you need the right skills and competences.

create an animation
In the field of didactic animations or explainers, knowledge and experience is crucial in how to select your content carefully, how to write good copy, i.e. a sound and solid voice-over text, how to visualize it so the animation will perfectly match with the message you want to convey, how to define and synchronize the details of the animation that will get it all to a higher level, inducing higher impact, etc.

How to convince your audience

If you think about creating an animation for your company or business unit, first make sure you know what you want to achieve and how you wish to convince your audience. If you have seen particular animations on the internet or YouTube that have the right impact on you, then search for a good professional partner that can help you in achieving the same result. Any animation that does not succeed in creating the same impact, due to e.g. a weak storyline, wrongly chosen visualizations, poor execution quality of the animation, will even do harm to your company or business unit, and at the end … to you. And, supposedly, that’s not what you had in mind. So here’s some advice: think twice before you decide to create an animation yourself. True, everyone can think twice, but not all can create high-impact animations …

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