Explainer Video Case Study: Foster Road Safety behavior within your organization

By 08/11/13januari 21st, 2016Marketing

What are the benefits of an explainer video in corporate communication with employees ?

One of our clients asked us to develop a communication product that would raise their employee’s awareness of road safety issues, so we used an animated video. An animated explainer video is a powerful tool that is useful for not only promoting products and services externally, but also for motivating and informing people within the corporate structure. By utilizing such a memorable visual medium our client was able to successfully deliver their valuable message.

How a road safety awareness video can save time

When a company has a fleet of employees on the road, their safety awareness can directly impact the business. A video presentation was an excellent way to give simple, easy to follow, practical examples of what should and shouldn’t be done when behind the wheel. The mechanics, technicians, agents and other members of a team will inevitably spend time on the road and any incident resulting from poor safety awareness will take hours to resolve, which, in turn, will have a negative impact on productivity. The animated video that we created provided essential information and clarified the importance of a number of good-practice behaviours that was of corporate importance to our client.

How a road safety awareness video can save money

A lack of respect for the rules of safety and security will impact upon productivity and damage efficiency. Poor safety habits can also result in rising premiums, increased maintenance costs and potential legal issues resulting from any related incidents. Promoting the importance of road safety awareness was a vital part of our client’s educational corporate strategy but, rather than having to attend safety inductions, seminars or awareness meetings in person, employees are now able to access the information individually, remotely, and at a time that is convenient and cost-effective to the business.

Technological benefits

Animated explainer videos can be viewed in all browsers, allowing all employees to have access to a corporate education product at all times. With responsive advances that allow varied bandwidth options, video products can be viewed on Mac and Windows, as well as on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, thus ensuring the delivery of an optimized viewing experience for every user.

If you would like to find out how an animated video can maximize an educational strategy or training opportunity for your company, please get in touch!

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