Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the production of custom-made animations.

01. When we fill out the offer request form, do we commit ourselves to any obligation?

No, you’re free to request a quote; it holds no obligation whatsoever. Your order will be definite only when you have confirmed your order in writing (such as with a formal “Purchase Order” or “PO” from your company or organization, including an order number and our offer reference).

02. Do we need to meet face-to-face in order to make an animation?

No, all project communication occurs via the Internet: briefing, project management, file exchange, previews and delivery. Because executing online projects is our business, we’ll establish the best possible online communication with you.

03. You require us to enter the length of the animation in minutes. How do we know?

The length of the animation as well as the simplicity or complexity of your subject and the format/style you choose, will determine its budget. So you have to estimate the length of your explanation. If you have no clue at all, write your story down in a text and count the words. Typically, the length of the voice-over recording in minutes corresponds to the number of words of your text divided by 125. That’s a good estimate of the length of your animation. But don’t worry if your text seems too long and you think you may be over-budget because we are experts at condensing information to best suit your budget.

04. Will you write the script of the animation or do you expect us to do that?

Both options are possible. Either you write the script or we write it for you based on the input you provide. If you prefer us to write the script, we will send you a content briefing template with a number of questions regarding your project, its objectives, and the messages you that want to convey.

05. We have never written a script, scenario or voice-over text. How do we start?

When you decide to write the script yourself, we will provide you with a very simple template with which to write your script, and additional guidelines in plain English. The first and most important step is to think about the story that you want to tell. Imagine you’re doing a slide presentation in front of your audience. The words you will use to explain your subject are words that you can write down as a voice-over text for your storyboard. One of our professional voice artists will read the final text, while the corresponding visual elements will appear on the screen to illustrate your story. In your script, you will be able to make suggestions about visual objects that we could use to illustrate your story.

06. How can I be sure that my animation will have the impact we want?

High impact is not achieved simply with a nice animation. Your story also needs to be clear and easy for your audience to understand. Think of a typical person in your audience and imagine yourself in his/her place. A good approach is to start with catchy questions or examples that your audience can relate to. Then, tell them what the movie will be about. What will it explain? Next, you can focus on the content itself. Don’t forget to end it with a good conclusion, for instance a summary of the main things to keep in mind.

07. Will you correct or improve our script?

We will review and, if necessary, fine-tune your script with respect to structure, style of writing, and supporting animation proposals. So you can rely entirely on our extensive knowledge and experience in creating a didactic animation with a professional voice. We will send you the storyboard with our feedback and suggestions for improvement, which you are free to accept or not. As soon as you have reviewed the storyboard, we will use the final version for voice-over and animation.

08. What can we do to help you correct or improve our script?

You can send us photos or pictures you’d like us to use in the animation provided that you or your organization owns the intellectual rights to these images or that you have the authority to use them. For specific images of your products, people, tools and other company-specific visuals, we will use your visuals, if available. We’ll also give you clear technical requirements for your photos, drawings, screenshots or images, in order to maintain optimal quality within the animation.

09. Can you animate our animation in any language?

Short answer: yes we can. For some languages, we may create the first storyboard version in English before translating it to your desired language.

10. Can you make the animation interactive?

Yes, this is possible. Interactivity can range from simple multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop or sorting exercises, to real game elements. Quizzes, assessments and interactive infographics: all of these are possible. Pricing will be based on the complexity of such interactivity. Please contact us for more details and describe your desired interactive animation.

11. What happens if we change our mind during the project?

Our initial offer will be based on the information that you provide to us about the desired length, format, style and content of your animation. Based on your initial briefing and input, we will develop a storyboard, record the voice-over, design the graphical objects and animate these in sync with the voice-over. You can always change your mind about previous choices made earlier in the project, but such changes will always come at a cost. The exact cost of such a change request will depend on the progress of the project. For instance, if you want to change the storyboard after the voice-over has been recorded, a new recording session will have to be organized. If you want to change the storyboard after the animation has been designed and programmed, additional costs will be charged to redesign and reprogram this animation accordingly. We prefer, however, to preemt change requests by dedicating a lot of time to project preparation and communication.

12. Can we also place our animation in the Explania library?

Animations that contain generic content might also be integrated in the Explania platform. This platform enables animations to become embedded into other websites. In order for animations to be eligible for the Explania library, the content needs to be generic, objective and neutral. The price of a custom-made animation for your organization is based on production costs, while the pricing model for such generic topics is sponsor-fee based. Please contact us for more details about selection criteria and sponsor fees.


13. In what format will our animation be delivered?

We deliver interactive animations in Adobe Flash (swf and html files) and lineair video’s in MP4(HD720). The size/resolution of the animation within the player is in 16:9 format. To use the interactive animation, you should have at least the free Adobe Flash player version 9 installed. The MP4 video’s are played by the most recent media players. If you have issues with standard MP4 movies, we recommend the open-source VLC Media Player.

14. How do we integrate the animation into our web page?

After we have delivered the final files, you’re expected to implement the files onto your website yourself or have it implemented by your technical contact.

15. Can we sponsor an existing animation on the Explania platform?

Yes, existing animations can be sponsored by any organization. If your organization’s business or activity is related to a particular animation, you can sponsor it. This means that your clickable logo is added onto the Explania page that contains the animation, as wells as in the animation’s info screen. This screen appears when users click on the “i” button in the Player. The screen also appears automatically at the end of an animation. Your logo is clickable and can click through to a landing page of your choice. On this landing page on your website, you can provide interested people with additional information about the topic of the animation.

Your sponsor logo also appears in embedded versions of the animation, which means that as a sponsor, you expand your visibility to all websites that have embedded the movie.

Sponsor pricing depends on your country or region, the length of the sponsoring period and whether or not you would like exclusive sponsoring. Please contact us for more details.

16. Can we sponsor a new animation on the Explania platform?

Animations about popular generic topics can be developed and added to our Explania platform, which enables them to be embedded into other websites. In order for animations to be eligible for the Explania library, the content needs to be generic, objective and neutral.

If your organization’s business or activity is related to a subject that is popular and will interest many people, you can send us a proposal for such an animation. You can sponsor this animation and, as a sponsor, add your logo to the animation’s info screen. If you have a proposal for such a new animation, please contact us.


17. How does invoicing work?

The total price of a project is invoiced as follows: (a) 50% at the start of the project and (b) 30% at delivery of the first master version and (c) 20% at final delivery, before we deliver the final animated files to you. Our invoices need to be paid before we can start or continue with the project.

18. How do we pay?

Payment can be made via either PayPal, credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or wire transfer. An official invoice is always provided.

Embedded Animations

19. Can I embed any Explania animation on my website?

Yes you can. As long as there is an ‘Embed’ option below or in the info screen of the animation, you are free to insert the animation into your own website.

20. How much does embedding cost?

Embedding is free. The hosting and streaming cost of embedded movies is taken care of by our Explania platform or, in case of sponsored movies, by the sponsor. Sponsors can vary so over time new sponsors may appear in the info screen of the embedded animations.