Five ingredients to make your animated video a success

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Compelling animated video content helps brands to convey powerful messages to their audiences and offer them a richer online experience. This brings us back to that age-old question of how best to produce compelling video content.

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Here are 5 key ingredients:

Utility: define your own purpose

Branded video content must be targeted, so you should always have a defined purpose when creating video content. This will save you money because with targeted messages, video content will be more likely to generate responses and give you a return on your investment.
What do we mean by purpose? First, think about what it is that you are trying to achieve. You may want to demonstrate a new product or service, generate inbound leads, position your brand or build awareness, educate a market, and much more.
You also need to define the audiences that you are trying to reach.

Relevance: make your video content interesting for your audience

Relevance is the glue that holds your video content together.
To make your video content relevant you must give your prospects a solution to their problem or an answer to their question. Indeed, your potential clients are looking for something specific. It might be a service, a product, or both and until they get what they are looking for, they have a problem. You need to know what your audiences’ problems are. This is the only way to ensure that you are connected with them and that they will engage with your brand.

Engagement: focus your video on user-centric narrative

Video is a medium that is limited only by the extent of the viewer’s imagination. In other words, engaging video content has nothing to do with a sales pitch. Your content does not have to focus on the usual product shots and stats. Instead, find a way to tell a unique story that lets your consumers see your brand the way you want them to perceive it.

Entertainment: let people enjoy your video

The great thing with video content is that it is a perfect media to create amusement and enjoyment. Great storytellers are masters at mixing seriousness with humor. Think of the most popular printed magazines – they offer a range of different content features designed to match your mood.

Togetherness: let people identify with your content

People love to watch and share videos that feature people like them, in a language like theirs and about topics that concern them. The substance of your video content, and the message, should be authentic. Always think in terms of “documentary film-making”. Capture the true story, the one that will touch your potential customers and make them want to share it.

Instruxion has made ten short explanatory videos in two languages about energy saving tips. When watching them you will easily recognize how we have placed the main emphasis on the utility, relevance and simplicity of the message in every piece of content.

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