How can explanatory videos attract the right people?

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When you target your audience in an explanatory video it optimizes the campaign’s deliverability, which ensures a maximum return on what was delivered and to whom.
Here are some tips for attracting the right viewers and optimizing the performance of your video campaign.

ALD Matrix (NL)

ALD Matrix (FR)

Clearly identify the audience for your explanatory video content

Which segments of your prospects or clients do you want to engage in your campaign? For the animated explanatory video that we made for ALD Automotive, the target audience was fleet managers.

Focus on the content that will reach your audience

What type of content does your audience find relevant, informative, enjoyable and helpful? To know this you need to find out what your audience really cares about.

In ALD’s case, the company decided that the main concern of fleet managers’ was: “How can I have a price guarantee from the start of the lease contract until the (early) termination of it?”

This question had important implications: when signing a lease contract a fleet manager should be able to choose the duration and the number of kilometres, while requesting a contract modification should be simple as well as free of charge.

Having identified the issue, Instruxion set about creating content that illuminated it in compelling ways.

Produce video content as if it is a gift

The key is to get in the habit of producing something that will be like a “gift” to your audience. Leave your audience feeling like they have just received a present — such as new knowledge or an insight.

In ALD’s case, the idea was to offer fleet managers thoughtful, detailed insights into what they could expect from the ALD Matrix solution. ALD found a way to connect with its audience by capturing the main questions and concerns that they have when signing a new lease contract.

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