How to effectively promote your core business with a corporate video

Promoting your core business visually: how to impress your prospects and make your corporate video a distinctive and effective promotional tool.

A good corporate video allows you to vividly demonstrate the services and ethos that your company offers, whilst acting as a viral business card and contributing to your website traffic. Attracting a prospect requires a different approach to communicating with existing clients and a video is an excellent way to engage and interest new targets.

Focus on the audience

Prospects are not clients and are looking for different information. Rather than considering your continued ability to further their needs, they will be focusing on who you are, what you do and why they should choose your company over the competition.

This means that your video’s focus must not only be your position in the marketplace, but also how your services and abilities can be differentiated from everyone else in the field.

Describe your unique value proposition

A corporate explanatory video has to be informative and engaging in order to be effective. To connect with your target audience and stand out from the crowd it is therefore important that your Unique Value Proposition is conveyed succinctly.

Every single detail of your services can’t be covered in a short video, but the following value points should all be clearly stated:

• Your target market
• The primary benefit of using your services
• A service description
• Your unique position in the marketplace

In short, every element that a prospect will focus on before initiating contact or deciding whether to take a conversation further should be readily available. These can be most distinctively and effectively conveyed in the easy-to-digest promotional format of a corporate video.

Focus on the long term

An effective corporate explanatory video is the animated equivalent of a business card. Rather than changing your card every few months, you make sure that the information on it is timeless.

In the same way, the information in an explanatory video must be relevant in the long term, covering the critical points that will interest every prospect, irrespective of industry-specific need.
In short, the most effective way to promote your core business with a corporate  video is to focus on your Value Proposition in order that it will maintain long term relevancy.

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