How to use an animated video to create awareness of sensitive topics

As a means of internal communication, videos are a hugely effective tool for concise, effective dissemination of information and to create awareness. Traditionally, a widespread message involved group sessions, printed documentation and the costly reassignment of valuable time resources, but the Internet has irreversibly changed the habits and expectations of a population seeking information.

Inappropriate behavior at work

Inappropriate behavior at work, Dutch version

A company that needs to convey a specific message by integrating these new practices into a corporate environment can effectively harness this change. In short, an online video message can instantly reach the intended recipients, saving both time and money by utilizing the visual medium as a channel for communication.

Singular message – collective impact

Effective internal communication creates an environment that sees a collective acknowledgement of corporate expectation, allowing the individual to understand and focus on a specific behavioral goal. Online videos can communicate such expectations in a visually effective and memorable manner, whilst accommodating the potential sensitivity of the topic. The fundamental elements for success are therefore:

• Knowing your audience
• Sticking to a single message
• Showing the problem
• Offering the solution

Ultimately, your video will be successful if your message has been concisely explained, clearly visualized and is easily accessible to your audience.

Effective absorption

There are a number of reasons that online videos are so effective for raising awareness, not least that they have a 58% higher retention rate than audio-only informational tools. By creating a video to convey a message, rather than using traditional mediums, the recipients will:

• Be more likely to absorb and retain the message
• Receive in seconds a message that would otherwise have taken several paragraphs to convey
• React more positively to the ‘personal’ nature of the medium
• Be able to access the message from any number of devices and locations
• Be in a position to refer back to the source with an ease not available in more transient mediums

Not only that, but using an online video to raise awareness of sensitive subjects offers the opportunity to increase audience engagement through emotive content, without the need for costly seminars and in-person meetings.

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