Interactive annual reports: engage your audience

Annual Reports

interactive annual reportAnnual reports can be boring, heavy, full of numbers and difficult to read. Yet they contain important information for your stakeholders, employees and many others. So why not make them interesting and engaging?

By developing animated annual reports you will increase their visibility and they will be more easily read and shared on social media. People will want to read them, which will greatly influence your branding and people’s knowledge and perception of your company.

Since your report will be accessible on-demand, everybody from users to stakeholders can easily access the information anytime. The interactive character of this annual report will engage your audience more, resulting in a stronger emotional connection between them and your company, brand, product or service.

On top of that, the report is available online and therefore reduces your printing costs. It will also discourage people from printing a hard copy helping you to reach your sustainability initiatives. Interested in interactive annual reports? Contact us for more information.