By Eddy Maerschalck, Founder of Unified Marketing Group

Due to the tough competition that is present in the marketplace, many businesses find it difficult to come up with strategies that can help them gain a greater market share. If your business has suffered from lower sales in the past due to the lack of new marketing techniques, you can use interactive videos. Interactive videos enable the company to communicate with their audiences. It also helps in finding the customer queries that consumers are likely to have about the company’s products.

Interactive Video

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1. Increases customer engagement

Many companies are worried about the sales forecast. They are likely to be concerned about the idea of losing their loyal customers to their rivals. Therefore, it is important to have a unique promotional strategy like interactive video on the website so that you are able to inform the consumers about the benefits of using your company’s brand. If the consumers view interactive videos they are able to decide if they want to purchase the company’s products. Interactive video enables the users to positively engage with the company’s products.

2. Improves brand image

Interactive video uses high quality graphics that includes the addition of gamification content that provides a differentiation point to the company’s products.

Instruxion creates interactive videos as per the client’s demand so that the clients may stay one step ahead from their competitors. By creating visually stimulating and engaging interactive video, a company can improve its brand image. Interactive video also helps you communicate your brand’s message effectively with the audience. Interactive videos also give the audience an opportunity to provide feedback to the company by clicking on the tab provided in the video. In this way a company can know what their brand lacks and how consumers perceive their current brand strategy.

3. Interactive videos can be used for e-learning

One of the most important benefits of interactive videos is that they can make the learning process extremely interesting for the audience. Many businesses that offer distance learning programmes for its employees.

4. Annual reports in the interactive format stimulates attention

Corporate presentations can be difficult and extensive. Due to their length stakeholders and vendors can lose interest and may not pay attention to the content. By transforming the content used in Annual Reports into interactive videos businesses can make information more interesting and can explain the facts concisely. Businesses can also use interactive videos to explain their clients about the financial growth in a creative way.

In today’s age interactive videos can be used as an efficient marketing technique to engage people with your brand. Therefore, it is important to hire a experienced communication company like Instruxion to develop an effective marketing strategy for your brand.

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