Dear Vlerick Awards attendee, we hope you’ve enjoyed our gift in the gift bag.

Here is your other gift, 7-day’s free access to the praised e-learning course ‘mysellingskills’!

A good sales person is a prepared sales person.

Whether you’re a junior or a senior sales rep, if the art of selling is close to your heart, this Selling Skills e-learning – formerly known as mysellingskills – is for you. This online training is an interactive tool to make you a real pro… or to stay one.

Selling Skills is a high-impact online e-learning course which comprises 6 chapters covering the sales process from the opening conversation to the final closing. The e-learning is a powerful 3-hour summary of a 3-day high-level Value Selling course.

 In a world of BIG business…

Only for Vlerick Awards attendees: 7-day free access!

Experience the power of this online course:

  • Watch and learn from sales negotiation dialogues that occur in real business situations
  • Enjoy attractive interactive animations supported by multiple voice-over actors
  • Take away powerful summary PDFs with tips and tricks for your own sales meetings

Customers of this e-learning include:

And many small and medium businesses across all industry sectors.

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