Electrabel – Everybody Chameleon!

A new learning culture at Electrabel GDF SUEZ

Electrabel is gradually adapting its learning methods to better respond to its employees’ needs. The traditional approach is combined with e-learning and self-tuition.

Employees should consider every activity as a chance to learn and to develop themselves. This will reinforce the business’ position in an increasingly competitive environment.

To bring across this message loud and clear and to put it into practice, Instruxion developed an animated video starring a chameleon. The chameleon symbolizes the employee who is learning new things in different ways and who quickly adapts to an ever changing environment.

Meanwhile, the chameleon has grown into the mascot of the training-focused communication of Electrabel. He has become known at GDF Suez in Paris and in all other European branches. This shows how a well thought-out and elaborated animated video can have a significant impact and how it can go beyond a mere three minutes of training.

Watch the video in your language: Nederlandse versieVersion françaiseEnglish version

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