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Vertel uw verhaal op een duidelijke, beknopte en creatieve manier. Animaties van hoge kwaliteit versterken uw inhoud en trekken de aandacht van uw publiek. Animatie brengt uw boodschap met stijl, en maakt het waar.

Vertel uw verhaal op een duidelijke, beknopte en creatieve manier. Animaties van hoge kwaliteit versterken uw inhoud en trekken de aandacht van uw publiek. Animatie brengt uw boodschap met stijl, en maakt het waar.

Audiovisual content is hot. Today, a whopping 80% of all internet traffic consists of videos, animations and interactive movies. These are the formats your customers and stakeholders are watching, sharing and obsessing about. For entertainment purposes, but increasingly for information and explanations. Which makes perfect sense. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a moving picture must be worth millions.


Today, traditional formats such as banners, print ads or tv commercials are the fastest way to guide your viewers to the “skip” or “off” button. And that’s no surprise. People are facing an information overload. If you really want their attention, you have to zoom in on their wants and needs. You have to offer something tangible, credible and useful in return. An animated explanation is a great format for hitting that “what’s in it for me” and getting your story across in a refreshing way.




The truth isnt the truth until people believe you. And they cant believe you if they dont know what youre saying. And they cant know what youre saying if they dont listen to you. And they wont listen to you if youre not interesting. And you wont be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly; Bill Bernbach




Why create an animation?


Choosing animation is choosing for clarity, simplicity and originality. Animation is the best format to deliver your story in a simple, fresh and engaging way. And that’s something any audience will appreciate. “Seeing is believing” –that’s why animations work!


  • Animations are eye-catching and easy to style in your branding guidelines
  • ’re relatively easy to update – no reshoots or rehiring crews or actors
  • For the same reason, they’re easy to translate to other languages
  • You can re-use graphical elements from your animations in other media (PPT, print ads, mails, internal comms, even TV ads)
  • Most animation styles come in at a reasonable price
  • ’re easily shared on your website, partner websites and social media
  • Animations can be seamlessly mixed with video and made interactive

It doesn’t matter if your content is complex, ridiculously straightforward or overly familiar. A well-made animation will bring it to life and make it engaging again. A great animation can be corporate or trendy, stylish or trashy, scientific or popular – we’ll make sure it looks fantastic and gets your message across!



Why choose Instruxion?


An animation isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s an investment. It should help you achieve your business objectives. Yes, an animation should look fantastic and get your story across. But it should also make things happen! An animation should have a return.


Before we design or write anything, we always ask: What are your (business) objectives? Who is your target audience? How do they think and feel about your offer? What do you want them to do?


Depending on your answers, we’ll design the animation together with you.


  • Choose the style that best matches your topic, audience and objective
  • Determine your animation’s optimal length
  • Structure your story
  • Set the most effective call to action and make it happen
  • Determine best channels to reach your audience
  • And so on…

Animations have been on the internet since the early 2000s and Instruxion was there from the start. Since then, we’ve been constantly building on trends, innovating and refining our approach. We have the expertise to align your animation with your business goals, and to tell your story in a way that’s fresh, engaging and makes it happen. We also know you’re very busy, so a dedicated PM will follow up your project from start to finish and guide you through the process. Within your deadline and budget. Let’s pull out the stops and make it happen.

Don’t believe us, believe them (link to portfolio)

  • We put your business objectives first
  • Tailor-made to your specifications and budget
  • On time, in budget delivery
  • Blends seamlessly with your branding guidelines
  • All productions hand-made by our seasoned in-house team
  • Guaranteed to get your message across and make It happen!



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