The “play” button to boost your video click rate

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Making the most of a video marketing campaign: how to use the play button to boost your video click rate.

A highly effective way to target your message to a specific audience, an explainer video is a powerful way to hook customer interest – even more so if you can boost the video click rate with the play button. Let’s face it: if they don’t watch, you won’t sell.

Why choose a video campaign?

An explainer animation video makes your sales pitch highly memorable. It increases interest in your products or services and adds personality to your brand in a way that can be shared. Moreover an explainer animation video directly engages the viewer and increases the retention of by up to 58% when compared to audio-only marketing tools.
Indeed, video stands out on a web page and is capable of consolidating the most complicated ideas into a memorable and easy to understand format. However, without an effective call to action in the form of a play button, a potential viewer might just click away.

What does a play button do?

Your play button doesn’t just increase your click rate, it also keeps viewers from leaving your page and provides an opportunity to engage them in an environment that has a notoriously short attention span.
Rather than waving them off to other providers, an effective play button icon has the knock-on effect of increasing the viewer’s interest in the wider range of content you have available.
Everyone recognizes the Play icon is and will click it if the thumb image looks amazing. No matter what you are showing.  But if you want even higher click rates, you also need to direct the recipient to a call to action such as “Check out the Video Here“.

How do you boost the video click rate with the play button?

Any call to action text like “Click to View” or “Click to Play” is an easy way to increase a video click rate. In fact, it’s 12 times more effective than using a passive text such as “Play” or “View”. So if your pitch is precise, your message distilled and your audience is primed, why waste all that power by forgetting the cherry on top?
How important is the specific call to action?

It’s not just the number of views that makes the play button’s text so vital to success. Market research has also shown that an effective call to action not only improves a video click rate, but also makes an exponential difference to engagement activity, subscriptions and brand perception. All calls to action increase the possibility of conversion, turning viewers into clients and shares into a potentially viral campaign.
So, if you want more information on how to maximize your video click rate, to really engage your viewers and to increase the opportunities for conversion, please get in touch!

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