The Power of Creative Visualization

By 04/06/14januari 25th, 2016News

‘Creative visualization’ refers to a concept often used in sports and in daily life activities: by visually ‘materializing’ objectives over and over again, these sportsmen attempt to enhance their performance. When physically training, they are able to put full cognitive preoccupation of their environment aside and focus on a specific future goal via repetitive imaginary visuals. Thus, creative visualization induces even physical change.


The concept is not really related to a business environment, but it stands out like a sore thumb: on a more pragmatic level, creative visualization might be a possible solution to solve complex business problems and achieve success. By thinking of the most suitable visualization for a message that needs to be conveyed, and materializing this visualization into an animation or video, including the right amount of repetition, a viewer is given the perfect tool to concretely move towards his/her (and depending on the case also the company’s) strategic targets. Concrete visual repetition enhances change, be it behavioral or cognitive. When viewing an instructive animation, a consumer, customer or employee detaches him or herself for a short while from the physical environment, and enters an imaginary world, similarly to watching a movie. Problem-solving is often linked to briefly distancing oneself from the problem, in order to ‘refresh’ the brain and gain the right insights from thoughts that might not even seem to be associated to the problem itself at first sight.

When instructive animations or explainers are developed in a smart, creative way, they guide the viewer via various senses (listen, view, interact) and let them step out of their actual environment for a very short time (even for minutes only) in order to have them experience a moment of creative visualization that will no doubt have an impact on their way of thinking (e.g. knowledge about processes, products and tools) and/or their behavior (e.g. change management).

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