Video as a brand activation tool for recruiting new talent

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STIB/MIVB – Ready to go (2012)

Recruitment videos can be exciting and compelling. If produced in the right way, they can brand your company as a smart, enjoyable and innovative place to work.

Your unique value proposition in video format

Interested job seekers like to know about the culture and assets of the companies where they are applying. Recruitment videos can give them a better understanding of what it would be like to be an employee in a company.

Meanwhile companies can use these videos to highlight the unique aspects of their organizations, or even some of the more subtle aspects that differentiate their company from others.
STIB/MIVB, for example, asked Instruxion to create a video that provided a 360-degree view of the company, offering the audience a realistic and entertaining look at their organization.

An authentic employee experience

Videos that demonstrate the company culture in a fun way will attract discerning jobseekers, including those with similar mindsets and working attitudes.
Indeed, if job-seekers can find out what it would be like to work at your company, they are more likely to apply since they truly know what they will be getting into.

On the contrary, if the recruitment video simply features a company executive talking about “the exciting market in which the company operates”, it will fail to create the right perception among candidates about working life at the organization.

Re-purposing recruiting videos as corporate branding videos

The type of recruitment video that we made for STIB/MIVB is suitable not only for when one of your departments wants to hire, but also for when you want to showcase your brand as a promotional, corporate video.
The STIB/MIVB video highlights some of the everyday aspects of working life there, as well as concrete examples of their new, customer-oriented revolution. This makes it the perfect addition to any branding campaign.

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