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By 04/06/11januari 25th, 2016Company, Marketing

Animation is a powerful technique to explain things step-by-step, and it keeps the attention of your audience. Whether you’re in marketing, training, HR, support, sales or IT, there is always something to explain to people. We help you to make that explanation in a powerful, compelling online way, ensuring high attention spans and real ROI.

Any subject, any audience

Do you need to educate or inform your target market about your products, services, features and benefits? If so, then an animated explanation is a powerful sales and marketing tool for you to spread your message.

Do you need to explain something to your employees? Organizational changes? Security procedures? New tools or applications? Live sessions are expensive and time-consuming, while web pages full of text are not effective enough to really get the message across. Many organizations have used animated explanations as a highly successful alternative.

Is your call center overloaded with Frequently Asked Questions, even when they are listed on your website? Turn your FAQ answers into appealing animations – your call load will drop and your customers will be more satisfied.

Any platform

Animated explanations are not only intended for websites. They can be turned into mobile versions for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone. Or you can turn them into a video format for use on TV screens, e.g. for trade shows or narrowcasting.