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Instruxion helps companies, organizations and governments to communicate and explain complex subjects using animated explanations. Visit our website to see some of the latest examples of explanatory content that we’ve developed.

Instruxion provides services to international customers across all industry sectors: healthcare, technology, finance, government, education and more. Within companies and organizations, we serve clients from virtually any department: Marketing, IT, HR, Training, Sales, …

Any subject, any language, any audience.

Our animations cover any subject in any language: English, Italian, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arab, Chinese, Japanese,…
Whatever your subject, audience or language is, we offer a full service from initial idea to final production: analysis, script and storyboard development, graphical design, animation, interactivity development and even hosting and distributing the final animation. Do you have a project in mind? Then contact us for a quote.

Animate your explanation.

Whether you’re in marketing, training, HR, support, sales or IT, there are always things that need to be explained to people and animation is a powerful technique to put your message across. We help you to explain your subject in a powerful, step-by-step, online way that ensures a high attention span and a real ROI.
Contact us for a free brainstorm about your project, objective or challenge.

For more examples, you can also visit www.explania.com, a platform with free, embeddable content about a variety of subjects.