What makes a good infographic?

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Infographic, also referred to as information graphics, are representations of information in a graphic, visual form. They include words, graphs, signs, charts, maps, diagrams, …

Infographics are about making data visual. The main goal of infographics is to show rather than tell. As they are a combination of pictures, words and symbols, good infographics provide the readers with insight into what is being shown.

There are 5 key elements that make infographics clear and effective: use, data, story, design and the ability to share.

Infographics are useful

Infographics exist in many styles and variations, as demonstrated on Mashable’s Pinterest Board on infographics. They can be funny, serious, and can even be animated, which increases the power of the message. Good infographics are always useful. As a general rule, infographics must be thought of as a visual tool to enhance understanding. They are informational products and, as such, they should match the tasks that they are supposed to help the target audience complete.

The question is, what do you want your reader to get from the infographic? What should or will the user try to do with it?

Infographics are data + context

Data is the foundation of infographics. It makes infographics unique. But data alone is of no use to the final user. Indeed, data has no value if it is not put into context. It is important to ensure that the data you’re about to process is reliable, timely and relevant. Does it answer your readers’ questions and concerns?

Data attains value if you tell something (more) about it in your infographics. But along with data, there should be pieces of evidence and thought-provoking information.

Infographics tell a story

Infographics should be meaningful. It is not about making numbers and figures interesting, but rather about transforming those data into a visual story. Your infographics could be considered as a metaphor for a carefully constructed argument.
This requires your data to have been properly and rigorously processed and organized around a narrative.

Awesome infographics are viral

An excellent infographic is one that is so beautiful and interesting that people want to make it their own. They will download it, print it and hang it on their walls. People will want to embed an awesome infographics on their blogs and Facebook pages and share it on Twitter.
As an online information product to be published on the Web, an infographic first has to spark informed conversation and action.
Thus, make sure that your data is processed in a way that people can spread and share your piece of art.

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