Which animation style is right for your explainer video?

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Choosing an animation style: how to maximize the impact of an explainer video and boost the impact of your image.

An effective explainer video stylistically showcases your brand, memorably engages the viewer and places your company firmly in the public eye.

Given the vast range of options available, selecting the right one can seem difficult but, like any business decision, a little forethought can help you to make a choice that exemplifies your image and has a powerful and memorable impact.

What are the most popular animation styles?

Depending on the target viewer, you will need to consider what impact a specific style would have on their perception of your brand. Of course, if you want to challenge this opinion then an explainer video is an excellent way to do so!

2D animation: An incredibly flexible animation type, 2D animation offers an amazing level of detail control, particularly in terms of color and style. A 2D video is created by sequencing images that have only minimal differences, therefor it has the scope for thematic creativity which is not so accessible in other formats.

Whiteboard videos: Whiteboard animation is an incredibly effective tool for data dissemination. Because a whiteboard animation often includes the hand of the artist, the viewer’s attention is much more immediate and impactful.

Motion graphic:A motion graphic animation presents information in a linear way with a straightforward, direct and to-the-point explainer style. Similar to whiteboard animation in imagery, it offers a more traditional impression of professional dissemination.

How do you know which style is suitable for your objectives?

In order to make a decision about the style of animation there are three things you need to be clear on:

The message that you are trying to convey: The complexity and quantity of information may be more easily distilled by a specific style, so make a list of the important points that are vital to your message.

The personality of your company: Your image may be more appropriately depicted through one type of animation, so consider how you want to be seen. Traditional? Creative? Dependable? Flexible? All can be visually integrated into an explainer video.

The expectations of your audience: The demographic of your target viewer will lend itself more comfortably to a specific style, so in the same way that your company’s personality should guide your ultimate choice the expectations of your audience should also be a deciding factor.

So, if you need help deciding which style of explainer video animation would be most effective for your business, please get in touch!

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