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Personalised videos for Music for Life

Videos are a powerful communication tool. Yet, it is essentially a monologue – one person speaking generally to an audience. With video personalisation, you can bring your message to the next level. By truly addressing each one of your viewers.

Direct marketing

Which video would you skip? A general one explaining a new product or one starting with your name and stating what the product could exactly do for you? Exactly. Make your message stand out. Because in a world of too much data and not enough time, viewers are only interested in what it means for them.

What better way to catch the attention of someone than calling their name? A personalised video snaps the viewer out of endless browsing. Video personalisation offers a unique customer experience that creates engagement and guarantees focus. Direct marketing at its best.


Video personalisation is nothing but segmentation. Personalised videos enable you to differentiate to a whole new level. As a result, your communication is 100% targeted on your public – which makes it even more efficient. You can anticipate on your viewers’ needs by providing pertinent answers and pieces of information to their specific situation. And make it completely relevant for them.

This way, you only provide the most useful, valuable and relevant content. As a result, your audience doesn’t feel like wasting its time with another general video. That’s what we call customer-centric differentiation.

Endless possibilities

The dynamic content of Instruxion’s personalised videos can include text, images, animation, backgrounds, audio, video and scene branching. Regardless of campaign size.

In short, everything you need, whether you wish to create a personalised game, provide billing details or explain how to build that new shelf.

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