Orthobroker – Brace ID

Orthobroker asked Instruxion to develop three videos: two for patients and one for doctors, medical technicians and other healthcare professionals. The challenge: to clearly explain how to calibrate, adjust and put on a 4-point knee orthosis and a post-op ROM knee brace.

How did we meet that challenge? First we organized an interactive session with the client. They explained in details the technology behind the brace and showed us how the braces must be put on – step by step. We filmed this session, from various points of view. The footage helped us develop our animation.

To show the braces in all their details, we went for a realistic 3D animation, instead of 2D or video. Why? Because the virtual 3D camera smoothly follows the elements and can even go through or behind them. As a result, the necessary actions to adjust and put on the braces are crystal clear.

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