Gamification – Engage your target group, even millennials

You’ve heard it already. The new generation of workers is the first one who has grown up around interactive media. So now, they rather communicate through GIF’s, memes and likes. Meanwhile, we all deal with too much information – day in day out. What do we do then? We shut down and only pay attention to what appeals to us. How then are you going to reach your audience – millennials included? The trick is to catch their eye by adding some entertainment. With gamification, you integrate graphics, sound and features that are usually used in games to snap them out of their endless browsing.

1. Content with an extra edge
Gamification gives the opportunity to differentiate your content from others’. It reminds your audience of something they would do in their free time. All of a sudden, your message becomes less boring and more enjoyable.

2. Viewer interaction
Instead of telling your audience what they should do or learn, blend it in a game. What better way to transform your training into a pleasant activity? And your public is awake again.

3. Instant gratification
Millennials have grown up hearing “that they are special”. They received participation medals if they came in last. Make them feel special again – with social gamification. Badges, pins, rankings… Add a bit of healthy competition to your project. And admit it, you want to earn those badges too.

4. Buzz marketing
Let’s say you’re visiting a trade show. Where will you go first? To the booth handing out the traditional leaflet about their services? Or the one where you can play some game? Exactly. Attract a bigger audience by making your content entertaining.

5. Tracking functionalities
Your audience has had their fun. Now, you would like to know who scored best? Or who followed the training and who did not? No problem.  At Instruxion, we make sure interactivity can be tracked.

In a nutshell
Gamification helps create striking and relevant content. Fun features, cool interactions and sound effects attract viewers and keep them captivated. It also helps finding out the latest trends thanks to tracking functionalities.

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  • Very high level of impact because of the interactive character
  • Traceable interactions and data
  • In time and in budget
  • Guaranteed to get your message across!

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