Interactive videos engage your target audience

Why use interactive videos

Due to the tough competition in the industry, marketers need to be on the lookout for content that is unique and innovative. Marketers that can include new trends in their promotions are likely to get higher sales and profits. One of the most popular trends for brand promotion is interactive video. Interactive videos provide an opportunity to the company to achieve a bigger market share then their competitors. Interactive videos allow the user to give their feedback by clicking on the tab provided in the video. If the company has an online game, interactive videos can be used to encourage more users play the game and record their experiences. Some of the interactive videos can be used to answer customer complaints and queries.

Interact with your target audience: get in touch!

If the interactive video is not interesting enough, the customers can lose focus and close the browser. This means that the promotional message has not been effectively communicated to the user. Therefore, it is important to make an interactive vides that can provide the customer’s with relevant information is a short span of time. To make a good interactive video, the company needs to carefully outline that content that can make it shareable. The customer response from the interactive video can help the company decide the products that need to be widely promoted for positive results.

The interactive video enables a marketer to interact with the consumer on an individual level. The interactive videos can be customised to provide the users with suggestion for their specific requests. The interaction with the customer can be based on the previous products that have been sold. The addition of good graphics, sharp sound effects and creative content encourages the customer to buy the company’s products. Interactive videos can be used to provide cheap learning sessions to the employees. The videos can educate the employees on various business tips that can improve their productivity and efficiency.

Instruxion engages your audience

To produce a good interactive video, it is important to hire a reliable and qualified video developer.  We at Instruxion, make interactive videos for the company keeping in context the corporate goals. Our experienced team of video developers can help the clients determine the content of the interactive video that can help improve brand awareness. Our team also helps in developing alternatives to the videos if a different demographic is targeted. The customer data can be analysed by our team to present the client with the analytical report highlighting the features that encourage users to buy the brand.

Interact with your target audience: get in touch!

  • Very high level of impact because of the interactive character
  • Traceable interactions and data
  • In time and in budget
  • Guaranteed to get your message across!

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