The art of creating a successful animated video

By Wednesday January 22nd, 2014 January 22nd, 2016 External Communication, Internal Communication

Whether you are using an online video creation tool or delegating the production to a professional service provider, creating an effective animated video requires a considered approach.

Although the process itself is relatively straightforward, video and animation creation – like all creative endeavors – is an art that requires careful planning to ensure success.

To make sure that your preparation is comprehensive, consider the five elements necessary for an effective promotional tool.

Animated video needs a clear message

The most important element of any animated video is the message, so you need to make sure that yours is defined, concise and clearly explained. To this end, you should ask:

• What do I want to say?
• Who do I want to say it to?
• What do I want my video to achieve?

Knowledge of the target audience

In order to effectively deliver a message you must be absolutely clear as to the specifics of your target audience. Whether it is made up of prospects, existing clients, colleagues or website visitors, there will be an identifiable commonality that will allow you to focus the message and decide the manner of its delivery.

Make sure to select only one demographic target in order to build the most effective video possible. If your audience is in any way split in their need, you can create multiple versions for different demographics on the same topic. Instruxion can offer multiple adaptations and also provides translation facilities.

Goal-orientated activity

Setting tight parameters for every element under consideration will help to maintain the goal of conveying the message, allowing you to refine and revise your plan without losing sight of your objective. Selecting a single group means that you can keep your video’s ultimate purpose at the forefront of every decision.

Full documentation

Once you have decided exactly what you want your animated video to contain it is time to document each step of its construction. Many videos use a narrator to clarify the visual message so writing down exactly what you want to be said, and the animations that you want to see, is the penultimate step in finalizing your plan.

A storyboard

The underlying objective of an animated video is to seamlessly integrate the message into the medium. Drawing out each scene and adding the narrative text allows you to fine-tune the timing and pace so that your video is a successful and informative tool.

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